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First for Women Magazine

Reese's simple secret to slim? Optimal Fatty Acid from East West Essentials. Read More »

New You Magazine

New you health tip: a concept known as intuitive eating is all you need to craft an enduring healthy meal plan. Learn from East West Essentials wellness consultant Heather Wilson how to begin listening to your body. Read More »

Life & Style Magazine

Ok Magazine Find out the top tips for Hollywood's survival guide featuring our wellness consultant Heather Wilson! Find out what to eat, why it works and other options. Read More »

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Real People Testimonials

Deputy Von Muse

Before I was introduced to your products I weighed 217lbs. I was lethargic and suddenly beginning to notice my age. I first started with the optimal cleanse and lost 14 lbs in 10 days!...Read More

Debi Miller

I have been trying to feel good and lose weight since my son was born 10 years ago. Being the mother of three, having one child with special needs, working and running my household I found.... Read More

Tami Smail

I did my first Optimal Cleanse one year ago and I am currently on my third round. I workout five days a week at the gym doing weight training and cardio. When I completed my... Read More

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