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Our Story

East West Essentials is proud to be a family-owned and run company. Many people ask how a mother of three daughters came to launch a company of exclusive wellness supplements, and we love to share the story of our journey.

East West Essentials was founded in 2005 by Dr. Jeanne Wilson and her daughters, Holli McHugh, Heather Wilson, and celebrity nutritionist Haylie Pomroy (author of The Fast Metabolism Diet). Unlike many lines of wellness supplements, it is not owned by a large pharmaceutical company, rather it is privately run and operated by the Wilson family with the sole goal of helping men and women achieve optimal wellness.

Dr. Wilson always had a strong interest in the natural health and wellness industry and an incredible passion for Asian studies and philosophies. She began her studies in acupuncture and received a doctorate degree in Chinese Medicine and Herbology. Because of her passion for medicine in general she added the western scientific studies of nutrition and biofeedback. As a nutritionist, Haylie always had a passion for food and eating healthy. As a self-described "foodie," she helped her patients learn to love food again, by eating well and combining the proper supplements to live a life of optimal wellness.

After many years of working with patients and recommending nutritional supplements, Dr. Wilson and Haylie knew firsthand what worked – and what products truly did nothing at all. When they did find a product they trusted, they often found the formula would change or the company would stop making it. Determined to find a complete line that would work with clinical success, they decided to formulate their own. They spent years working in their clinics, really listening to their patients as they believe to be a truly effective doctor you first and foremost need to listen to your patients. This is still a core value today for East West Essentials - “for our company to be effective we must always listen to our clients. We have from day one and will always continue to do so.”

The Wilson family decided that they had the perfect formula to create a successful company. Dr. Wilson and Haylie, knew exactly what a line should include from years of working with their patients; her daughter Holli had the expertise in marketing and branding from her career and daughter Heather was an expert in business and production. And thus East West Essentials was created.

Dr. Wilson has always known that true healing is the combination of eastern philosophies and western science, and East West Essentials presents its patients this rich approach to healing and exclusive nutritional supplementation. Today, all members of the Wilson family are actively involved in every aspect of running East West Essentials, as the company is the definition of “family owned and operated.”