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First For Women Magazine: Kitchen Cures

The cure for younger looking skin is in your kitchen! Find out more in the new issue of First For Women Magazine featuring East West Essentials' holistic nutritionist Heather Wilson. Read More »

Eat & Exercise Your Way to Better Breasts

Find out how your diet and workout routine can impact the way your breasts look in this the October issue of New Beauty Magazine featuring holistic nutritionist Heather Wilson. Read More »

E! News: 7 Foods for 7 Days

Why is it healthier to eat turkey instead of chicken? Check out the diet that is generating results in just one week. Read More »

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Debi Miller

I have been trying to feel good and lose weight since my son was born 10 years ago. Being the mother of three, having one child with special needs, working and running my household I found.... Read More

Tami Smail

I did my first Optimal Cleanse one year ago and I am currently on my third round. I workout five days a week at the gym doing weight training and cardio. When I completed my... Read More

Scott Munroe: Professional Golfer

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