Energy is essential in our high pressured, sleep deprived, fast paced world. When there is a constant drain on our resources, we need Optimal Qi to revitalize our batteries. The Optimal Qi 14 Day Program is based on the Chinese philosophy of Qi. It is the life force in every living thing. This life energy, flows throughout the body through specific pathways.The Optimal Qi Program is a combination of Chinese herbs, supplements, and specific foods designed to give vitality and movement of Qi. When there is a blockage or deficiency of the flow of Qi it can induce dysfunction in the body. Issues such as fatigue, foggy, gas and bloating, weight gain, injuries, immunity issues, and many more, all have to do with the imbalance of Qi. The Optimal Qi Program helps rebuild and repair the energy reserves in the body. Things like the inability to lose weight, insomnia, hormone imbalances, cold hands and feet, severe menstrual cramping, chronic constipation can all be signs of imbalanced Qi. When the disruption to the flow of Qi is prolonged or the body is in a weakened state, then disease and pain is able to set in. By balancing the Qi it allows the body to recover, creating a natural free flowing rhythm allowing for more energy, peace of mind and physical health.