Wellness Consultant, Heather Wilson from East West Essentials, stopped by CBS / KCAL9 Tuesday to discuss different ways to prepare healthy food on a budget! Here are some tips Wilson suggested: BREAKFAST: 1. Eat within a half hour after waking 2. Start off with protein 3. Make it simple but effective SNACKS: 1. Kids are going to snack, so make it healthy and convenient 2. For consistent energy and metabolism levels etc. eat something every 3 hours 3. Extra important for kids with extra physical activities LUNCH: 1. Durable, will survive “on the go” or in the “backpack” 2. Nutrient rich enough to get through the afternoon bright and alert DINNER: 1. Fast and easy to prepare 2. Able to make more than one meal at a time 3. Able to prepare ahead of time Meal Ideas: Breakfast: Power Shake- under $2 • Ideally, it would be great to all sit around the table and eat a full breakfast, but most families can’t do this, so start day with protein. It gets your energy and metabolism going. • Clean, pure source of protein for the whole family • Can mix with any fresh or frozen fruit you have with stevia, almond or rice milk, juice etc. • Time saver Snacks: Power Cakes – $.50 • Sunflower seed or any nut butter and rice cakes topped with sliced fruit Crunchy Kale Chips – $.50 • Add sea salt Turkey Jerky – $.50 • Homemade with tamari Lunch: Turkey and Cheese Tortilla wraps – $1.25 • Tightly rolled with saran wrap, label them and place in fridge. Kids can grab the ones they want and throw them in lunch bag • Can use turkey and cheese, cheese alone or nut butters and jelly • Can use gluten free brown rice tortillas or regular tortillas Dinner- (all made from one roasted turkey) Turkey Chili – $1.00 Turkey Pasta with Alfredo sauce – $1.00 Turkey Soup – $1.00